Hands-On Sony’s Project Morpheus PS4

Sony’s PlayStation Access channel via YouTube has uploaded a video showcasing the virtual reality headset known as Project Morpheus. The device so far looks incredible and we can’t wait to see what types of video games and content is released for the device. However, Sony will admit that there’s no idea for a release date … Read more

Borderlands 2 On Vita Features 2 Players Co-Op Only

In a post on the Playstation Blog, it was revealed that Borderlands 2 for PS Vita will be limited for only to two-player online multiplayer. The post also contained information regarding controls and other features. The SCEA Third Party Production team confirmed that the game will only feature¬†two-player online co-op play, it seems the limitation … Read more

Here’s How Playroom Looks Like on the PS4

Sony’s next-gen console has arrived and things are looking really exciting for gamers. Today, we’ve this exclusive video made by Pro Gamer Siefe which gives you a hands-on peak at Sony’s latest tech offering; The Playroom. We must say we’re left quiet impressed by the amount of realism the robots bring with them and it … Read more