PlayStation 4 Playroom Update Adds Ninja Bots

Sony has revealed today that the PlayStation 4 Playroom will be receiving a free update. The update will add Ninja Bots with a free obstacle course game to play by yourself or with your friends. This of course, will require a PlayStation Camera and Dualshock 4 controllers.

If you’re located in North America or Europe, you will be receiving a brand new PlayStation 4 Playroom update. The update will add a new game known as Ninja Bots. Available for up to four players, Ninja Bots will take place on a obstacle course where you must dodge, jump and run around the different obstacles in your pathway. Enemies known as ronin bots will attempt to stop players in their tracks but with the help of shuriken ammo, ronin bots can be destroyed.

The player who earns the most amount of coins by the end of the course wins the game. As mentioned, PS4 owners will need the PlayStation camera and a dualshock controller for each player.