10 Video Game Bosses That Can Be Killed With Just ‘ONE’ Hit

Video game villains have a difficult life. Aside from the fact they have weak, inadequate lackeys, the heroes of the game are out for their head and will do whatever it takes to ensure they are defeated.

However, there are other issues that these antagonists may be going through, including the probability that they could be defeated with just one hit. Here are ten video game bosses that can be eliminated in just one hit.

The End – (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)

The boss ‘The End’ in Metal Gear Solid 3 can be taken out in multiple ways. Whether you take potshots at him with your sniper rifle or let the old man kick the bucket, the ways in which you can approach this boss vary.

However, if you are interested in killing him off sooner rather than later, all you need to do is hang out near the docks. Wait until someone wheels him by in his wheelchair, and plant a bullet in his head with your sniper rifle.

Iwajira (Borderlands The Pre-Sequel)

The Borderlands series is well known for its Roid Damage multipliers that deal out substantial melee damage. The raid version of Iwajira inThe Pre-Sequel can be instant-killed.

To accomplish this, equip the Inflammable Shooting Star, then unlock Nisha’s Third Degree skill to increase your melee damage to 160% after you defeat an enemy. Then start grinding for damage increase by killing smaller, weaker enemies, build up your stacks and whip him once then get cracking.