10 Video Game Bosses That Can Be Killed With Just ‘ONE’ Hit

Video game villains have a difficult life. Aside from the fact they have weak, inadequate lackeys, the heroes of the game are out for their head and will do whatever it takes to ensure they are defeated. However, there are other issues that these antagonists may be going through, including the probability that they could … Read more

Are Black Ops 3’s Supply Drops Illegal? Possibly.

Alright, so ever since Advanced Warfare started the trend of allowing guns to be in a sort of lottery system, it’s created a lot of outrage in the gaming community. Black Ops 3’s developers, Treyarch, promised to not do this, but of course, big daddy Activision stepped in and told them they had to. However, … Read more

Call of Duty: WaW’s Zombies Mode Still Has Tons of Undiscovered Easter Eggs

Apparently, the Call of Duty Zombies community needs to step up their game. According to Treyarch’s Director of Zombies, Jason Blundell, he claims there’s “absolutely” still hidden surprises in every Zombies map so far, including the original game. Now, Blundell does say that most of the mechanical secrets have been found, I.E. stuff IN game. … Read more