The Order: 1886 New Screenshots Revealed

A user from  NeoGAF  poked his nose around the Sony Santa Monica website and found a few brand new screenshots of their most anticipated title, The Order: 1886. The screenshots revealed  all 4 main protagonists, called the Knights of the Round Table sporting their steampunk arsenal and more. You can view the screenshots down below. The Order: 1886 is an … Read more

Top 5 most awaited PS4 games of 2014

PlayStation 4 has already created history with its launch since November 2013 and it has now been a prized possession for millions (4.2 million to be exact). Though the console has got a decent lineup of games since its launch, there is still an uphill journey for PS4 to get a string of defining masterpieces … Read more

PS4 Exclusive The Order : 1886 gets new details

PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, is a special entity for Sony and this is proved by the fact that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia have unveiled a Japanese trailer for the game which puts light on the premise of the game. Someone on the internet who apparently knows Japanese and loves the gaming community … Read more

‘The Order: 1886’ Possible Release Date Revealed

Andrea Pessino, one of Ready At Dawn Studios’ founder and Tim Moss, Directory of Technology at Sony Santa Monica were tweeting each other, which might have led to an interesting revelation  about The 2014 Fall Release of ‘The Order: 1886’. The game is in development by Sony Santa Monica, who’re known for creating the famed exclusive God … Read more

The Order 1886: New details revealed

New details have been revealed about the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order 1886. Ready at Dawn have revealed that the game is indeed a third person shooter. However, no association has been revealed about the multiple characters that were shown in the E3 trailer. Also, it has been revealed that the game will be linear … Read more

Rumor: New God of War: Redemption Game Coming To PS4 And PS Vita

There has been an image of a supposed new God of War game coming to the PS4 and PS Vita called God of War: Redemption. I found the image here, but unfortunately, it is fake. Yes, the image is very convincing, but there are small errors like spelling PlayStation “Playstation.” Sorry guys. On a good … Read more

PS4’s Exclusive Game The Order: 1886

Sony just released a trailer for a brand new game known as The Order: 1886. The game is being developed by Sony Santa Monica and Ready At Dawn studios. You can view the debut trailer below.