Titanfall 2 dev unintentionally started a console war by tweeting a picture

Image: ign.com

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment was accused of taking part in a console war this week. The reason behind this a tweet by Respawn, which was misinterpreted by some of the fans.

An image of the finalized PlayStation 4 version of Titanfall 2 was tweeted by Respawn.

They also added, “October 28th can’t get here soon enough! .”


Immediately after the tweet, Xbox users started bashing the game’s developer for not considering Xbox fans. They felt that Respawn was biased and favored PlayStation 4 more.

Here’s the tweet:

Image: www.engadget.com
Image: www.engadget.com

However, lead engineer of Titanfall Jon Shiring tried to explain that there is a different process for Microsoft and the green discs are not Twitter-friendly. He was actually referring to the WIP version of the disc by the term ‘green disc’.

The fans, however thought that he was referring to the Xbox disc, which are also green in color and were even more outraged. They thought that Shiring actually indicated that the Xbox console is not sexy.

Image: www.polygon.com
Image: www.polygon.com

Well, the Xbox fans are still unhappy about the incident and it will be interesting to see how Respawn Entertainment handle the situation now.