Throw Out Your Crappy Monitors, 8K is Set To Become New Standard

Well, that was fast. The era of 4K is already over.

Credit: Sharp

Dell just released the specs of their upcoming UltraSharp UP3218K monitor and they are monstrous. It stands as the first 8K monitor on the market (7680 x 4320) and has a 31.5” panel. In addition, the monitor, which is geared towards professionals who need this type of resolution, has incredible color saturation scores: 100% AdobeRGB, 100% RGB and 98% DCI-P3. It seems weird to call a monitor a beast, but the UP3218K is just that. The monitor is available for pre-sale ($4999) right now and will ship on the 17th of April this year. If that price point is too steep, just wait a few years- the price of 4K monitors have dropped almost 90% since the release of the first 4K monitor in 2013.

Credit: TechRadar

8K technology will most likely follow the same trajectory as 4K did. Over the next few years, it will slowly gain popularity before becoming the standard. Then, it will be replaced by 16K and the cycle will start all over again. Expect GoPro to come out with an 8K version of their action cameras in less than 2 generations too.

Credit: LG