Rumor: Leaked image shows Emma Stone is in Death Stranding

There have been quite a few rumors about Emma Stone playing a part in Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game Death Stranding, and a new development has made things more interesting.

A image has appeared that apparently shows a screenshot of a character played by Emma Stone from the game Death Stranding. Now, before we discuss this any further, take this with a grain of salt. 

We can’t independently verify the authenticity of this image and unless Kojima either confirms or denies her involvement, there’s really no way for be certain about either.

What we do know is that Kojima has been dropping hints about the involvement of Emma in the game for a while now. For one, Emma has been involved in videogames before, lending her voice to the open world game Sleeping Dogs in 2012.

It’s also a known secret that Kojima is a fan of her and her acting skills. Kojima also took to Twitter in December last year, to announce how he met Emma Stone for the first time.

Kojima also released some images that showed a woman doing motion capture work for the game. One of the images featured a mannequin wearing a Lionsgate beanie. Lionsgate is the same company that owns Summit Entertainment, who produced La La Land, a movie Emma Stone won several awards for this year.

Only time will tell whether Emma is indeed a part of the game but the leaked image certainly adds fuel to the fire.