Sony confirms that an even slimmer version of the PS4 Slim is in the works

Sony has announced that they are working on a PS4 model, which is reportedly thinner than the PS4 Slim. According to a Taiwanese newspaper, DigiTimes, the slimmer version’s development is currently underway.

image: Digital Spy

According to a recent article from the DigiTimes, Nintendo’s year-one sales forecast for the Switch is anticipated to have 20 million consoles shipped. In addition, to Nintendo’s debut of a new console, Microsoft is currently wrapping up development on its next home system, Project Scorpio, while Sony confirms that their latest model of the PS4 is getting a makeover.

image: Digital Spy

Sony has yet to reveal whether this thinner model will be a slim version of their 4K console, the PS4 Pro or if it is another reincarnation of the currently present PS4 Slim. Based on the fact that Microsoft’s next system will incorporate many new features including Ultra HD and 4K ready visuals, we can infer that this next PS4 model will be a PS4 Pro Slim.

image: YouTube

Regardless, it is quite plausible that new information on Sony’s new PS4 model will be showcased at this year’s E3. Not to mention this might be Sony’s direct response to what Microsoft will be offering in terms of powerful, new hardware.