There’s Apparently Loads Of Hidden Games On The PS1 Classic That Sony Hasn’t Mentioned

The PlayStation Classic hasn’t received the best reviews since it launched earlier this week.

It seems peoples’ main gripe is Sony’s use of the European versions of the original games as opposed to the US versions. Because of this, some US players are experiencing issues with frame rate, choppiness and blurriness.

Credit: Sony

Others are disappointed with the choice of games, but according to one Twitter user, Sony might just have a plan or two up its sleeves…

It’s being claimed that there are “hidden” games within the console that can’t yet be accessed, and the list is a show-stopper.

Although there’s yet to be any solid proof that the claim is true, fans are desperately hoping it is. The likes of Toy Story 2, Tomb Raider 2, Silent Hill, PaRappa the Rapper and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone are on the list. All of these are games we’d love to get our hands on tbh…

Credit: Sony

It’s not known how we’d access these games, but people are wondering whether or not a USB would do the job, considering the console has no internet connectivity.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing either confirmation or denial from Sony soon!

Along with the supposed hidden games, players have also unearthed an easy way to hack the console to make it a lot more modern.

Credit: Sony

YouTuber RETRO GAMING ARTS has uploaded a four minute tutorial on how to hack the miniature console, allowing you “to use multiple save states, scanlines, change games to NTSC for 60 FPS and so on.”

If you’re interested to find out how, check out the video below, but be aware you’ll need a specific keyboard to make it work.

YouTube video

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