Turns Out New The PlayStation Classic Is Ridiculously Easy To Hack

PlayStation Classic hack is so simple everyone can do it The PlayStation Classic – a miniature version of the PlayStation One, preloaded with 20 nostalgia-filled games – only launched this week, but already it’s been hacked by players. YouTuber RETRO GAMING ARTS has uploaded a four minute tutorial on how to hack the miniature console, allowing you … Read more

PlayStation Classic’s list of 20 Games Has Been Announced

Sony has finally revealed all 20 of the games that will be coming to the PlayStation Classic when it is released. If you aren’t aware Sony announced the release of the ‘PlayStation Classic’ a couple of months ago and with it will come 20 games for you to enjoy. Five of the games for the … Read more

Nike Is Releasing Even More PlayStation Sneakers

Remember Nike’s PlayStation sneakers? They sold out shockingly quickly and then disappeared from the face of the earth, which was pretty sad TBH. Occasionally pairs do pop up online, but if you want a pair of the original PlayStation/Nike light-up sneakers then you can expect to be paying a lot more than the RRP. The … Read more

New Adapter Lets You Plug Your PS1 & PS2 Into Your TV Through HDMI

As nice as your fancy OLED TV is, the televisions of 2018 aren’t really very well equipped for older consoles like the PlayStation One and Two. If your older consoles are just collecting dust on your shelves because of this annoying tech issue then don’t worry – the world of tech has answered your prayers. … Read more

Sony Reveals PlayStation Now May Include PS4, PS2 and PS1 Games

Sony Network Entertainment VP, Eric Lempel, spoke with Game Informer where he revealed that PlayStation Now can see some new updates and changes in the near future. Speaking of PlayStation Now, Eric Lempel admits that the service is doing incredibly well. Gamers are enjoying the service and Sony is looking to see how they can … Read more