Turns Out New The PlayStation Classic Is Ridiculously Easy To Hack

PlayStation Classic hack is so simple everyone can do it

The PlayStation Classic – a miniature version of the PlayStation One, preloaded with 20 nostalgia-filled games – only launched this week, but already it’s been hacked by players.

Credit: Sony

YouTuber RETRO GAMING ARTS has uploaded a four minute tutorial on how to hack the miniature console, allowing you “to use multiple save states, scanlines, change games to NTSC for 60 FPS and so on.”

If you’re interested to find out how, check out the video below, but be aware you’ll need a specific keyboard to make it work.

YouTube video

The highly-anticipated PlayStation Classic console was on a lot of peoples’ lists to Santa this year, but it’s not exactly the nostalgia cash cow that everyone was hoping for.

Credit: Sony

The console has received incredibly poor reviews from disappointed customers, and it currently stands at a mere 1.8 star rating on Amazon.

It seems peoples’ main gripe is Sony’s use of the European versions of the original games as opposed to the US versions. Because of this, some US players are experiencing issues with frame rate, choppiness and blurriness.

Credit: Sony

Others are disappointed with the choice of games, but hey, Metal Gear Solid is on there!

Have you purchased a PlayStation Classic?