Turns Out New The PlayStation Classic Is Ridiculously Easy To Hack

PlayStation Classic hack is so simple everyone can do it The PlayStation Classic – a miniature version of the PlayStation One, preloaded with 20 nostalgia-filled games – only launched this week, but already it’s been hacked by players. YouTuber RETRO GAMING ARTS has uploaded a four minute tutorial on how to hack the miniature console, allowing you … Read more

Sony: PS4 as developer friendly as the original PlayStation

PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny has revealed that the next gen console from Sony would be as approachable to developers and as dev-friendly as the original PlayStation was. He said that the hardware team has learned a hard lesson from the PS3 and so have endeavored to make the PS4 less cumbersome. During a keynote address … Read more

Golden PSOne revealed as VIP invitation to E3

Sony has sent Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson, a classy VIP invitation to Sony’s E3 press conference: a golden PSone console. Not only that but  they also sent him an original copy of Dungeon Master 2. Sony’s  clearly targeting to win over the successful developer. This invitation surely makes things interesting. Notch wasn’t that impressed with Microsoft’s new console, he “wanted a … Read more