New Adapter Lets You Plug Your PS1 & PS2 Into Your TV Through HDMI

As nice as your fancy OLED TV is, the televisions of 2018 aren’t really very well equipped for older consoles like the PlayStation One and Two.

If your older consoles are just collecting dust on your shelves because of this annoying tech issue then don’t worry – the world of tech has answered your prayers.

Pound Technology and Limited Run Games have joined forces to bring you a PS1/PS2 HDMI adapter, and it’ll set you back just $29.99 USD.

The adapter, which is currently up for pre-order and is expected to ship in mid-November, will work with both the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1 systems and will give you “excellent RGB video quality.”

According to the website, the adapter had a six foot cable length, breakaway design, and includes a “6ft USB-A to micro USB cable with cable management tie offs.”

Gamers on Twitter aren’t 100% sold on the concept though, citing audio issues with a similar adapter created for the Xbox.

Limited Run responded that there’s not going to be any such issues with this cable, tweeting there hasn’t been any audio issues for the PS1/PS2 adapter.

Pre-order yours right here.