A ‘Creative Game Mode’ Is Now Coming To Fortnite

As Fortnite‘s seventh season looms ever closer more and more leaks are popping up across the internet.

Credit: Epic Games

One of the most interesting leaks is the addition of a new game mode, which will apparently be called “Creative Mode.”

Even if you’re over the Fortnite hype, this sounds seriously impressive – if Epic can make it work.

Credit: Epic Games

Over on Twitter, @FNBRLeaks compares the leak to the likes of Minecraft, but will it be as refined?

The mode will reportedly allow you to create your own private map, with the ability to add buildings, weapons, terrain options and more, meaning you can truly let your creative talents loose. It’s a step up from the Playground Limited Time Mode, for sure.

Once you’ve created your map, you can create your own server and invite your buddies on over to play in your map. Come on, that’s pretty damn nice.

Credit: Epic Games

By the way of the lobby, you’ll be able to choose which servers you want to join, with lots of player-created maps to decide from.

It’s expected that Creative Mode will get its official reveal at The Game Awards 2018, which takes place later this week.