The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Enters Fortnite

A Rick Grimes Fortnite skin is joining other The Walking Dead alum as things get spooky in the latest Fortnitemare.

It’s been close to year since we saw any The Walking Dead characters added into Fortnite. Last December both Daryl Dixon and Michonne were both added.

But fear not Rick stans, now the main man himself is here. Rocking his later-seasoned bearded look, the Rick Grimes Fortnite skin is the latest cross-over character to join the battle royale.

Credit: Epic Games


The Rick Grimes Fortnite skin marks just the latest of a long line of pop-culture characters skins making their way into Fortnite. Most recently, we have seen Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, Venom and Carnage join. However, before characters such as Wonder Woman, Will Smith and even Ariana Grande have made their way into Fortnite.

Credit: Twitter

Rick Grimes will come with his classic police duffel back full of guns, and a walker bat. He also has a wrecked satellite glider, which is sure to stand out. You can pick up the Rick Grimes Fortnite skin for 1500 V-Bucks. However, if you want everything else, including a jacketed alternative skin, it’ll set you back 1900 whilst on sale. After its sale, it will cost 2800.

If you did miss Michonne and Daryl last year, they are back for a limited time. You can pick both up for 2500 V-Bucks in a bundle, or 1800 V-Bucks separately. It doesn’t look like there is currently a bundle for all three characters.


Rick Grimes arrives as Fortnite is celebrating its Halloween event, Fortnitemare. However, it also coincides with the mid-season finale of the final season of The Walking Dead. You can add Rick Grimes to your growing Fortnite pop-culture collection from today.

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games