The Last of Us Game Update 1.02 Improves Factions mode and Removes Sex Numbers

In The Last of Us story mode, players have discovered a phone number on a bulletin board for the Pest Control. Turns out that when the numbers are dialed in real life, it reaches an adult content phone line. Naughty Dog has fixed this mishap to where the dialed numbers no longer connects to the phone sex line. The list below has the changes made to the game.

Patch 1.02

  • Story/Single mode: Phone sex number has been changed on the billboard.

Factions/Multiplayer Mode:

  • Host connection has been upgraded to where losing connection should happen less during the host migration.
  • Multiplayer leave crash has been fixed.
  • Introduction cut scene issues with the camera has been fixed.
  • Connection problems while playing has been tuned
  • It will no longer cost a clan day when players lose connection from host/disconnect from the match. During the match, if the player exits through the menu or is kicked from, it will cost a day.
  • Explosion Expert level 2 is now available to select.
  • Voting for maps/matches has been lowered to 15 seconds.
  • For users who play alone without a party, a ‘No party’ option is now available for both Supply Raid and Survivors.
  • All melees’ now have the same range, meleeing a downed character would be the same distance as a normal melee.

Since this is a new game working out its kinks, expect more patches.  

How are you fans enjoying ‘The Last of Us’?