That Fortnite Poo Story Isn’t True, Says Epic Games

Last week we experienced the delight that was Gamescom 2018, but it was being reported that some people got a little too excited at the event…  According to a report from German website,, a player who was incredibly eager for his turn to play Fortnite sh*t into a bag which then accidentally got distributed around the … Read more

Far Cry 4 Story Details Leaked

It wasn’t too long ago that Ubisoft revealed Far Cry 4 during the company investor briefing. Now details of the story has leaked online giving more insight as to what the game will be based on this time around. Ubisoft must have accidentally released a pre-order page ahead of schedule giving a new image of Far Cry … Read more

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Story Developed Over Two Years

If you’re worried about the story for the latest Call of Duty video game in development had took over two years to write. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare storyline took over two years to create. This news comes from from Glen Schofield, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, development studio in which Advanced Warfare is being developed. One fan of … Read more

EA Talks Upcoming Star Wars Video Games

With the acquisition of Lucas Arts, Disney has signed a 10-year deal agreement with EA for video game development. This means that the main Star Wars titles will be developed by EA though there are other development studios that have their hand on a specific Star Wars related title as well. During a Fortune interview, … Read more

Manga Prequel For Resident Evil 6 Coming to America

Manga publisher Viz Media, has announced that Naoki Serizawa’s Biohazard series will be heading to America.  The manga will take place before the events of Resident Evil 6 which surrounds the global outbreaks of the C-virus. Within the story, you’ll finally learn the source of the virus and where it first started to outbreak. This is … Read more

Rockstar Gets Hit With Another File Suit For GTA 5 From Karen Gravano

Rockstar is no stranger to controversy. Their video game titles has always been in the limelight for one reason or another. Recently their latest release Grand Theft Auto V managed to sell over a billion dollars in just three days. The game has been breaking world records all over one of the more prominent ones being the … Read more

First DLC for Outlast titled ‘Whistleblower’ is Releasing in April

‘Whistleblower’ will be the first downloadable content for Outlast to be released in April for the PS4 and PC. A survival horror game where the player is in first-person view as a journalist escaping an asylum with only a camcorder to see in the dark, while avoiding danger in every corner. Red Barrels, the developer … Read more