PS4 Price in Mexico is $200 Cheaper than the Xbox One

The next-gen consoles are now available to pre-order at retailers in Mexico (huge section of Latin America). The country is known for having high price tags on their videogames and consoles. For example, the current cost of the PS3 in their currency is 4,559.20 Pesos which is approximately $352.

One of Mexico’s well-known electronics retailers is Liverpool, where the Xbox One costs 8,499 Pesos which is about $655. Consumers were expecting the PS4 price to be high like the Xbox One, but it turns out the same retailer is selling the PS4 for 5,839.20 Pesos which is about $450.

It is crazy how there is a $200 difference between the two next-gen consoles. In a country that is expected to have high console prices, the PS4 cost in Mexico is only $50 more than the US price. The rest of Latin America has not started doing console pre-orders yet, we will have to wait to see the pricing for the next-gen consoles.

What do you fans think about Sony’s strategy in Mexico?