The 7 Types of Guys ‘Girl Gamers’ Have to Deal With Online

When we “girl gamers” go in to a lobby, we can be pretty intense, meaning that people wonder why we have such a hard shell.

I can’t deny that I have gone in to a lobby and automatically was rude, but I blame the guys that we have to put up with. It is those guys that don’t respect girl gamers, they say hurtful words and we girl gamers are never the same again. The below list isn’t talking about any particular guy but we’re rather dealing with ‘stereotypes’.

1. The Stupid


Well this guy is just too blank minded to even comprehend anything you tell him. He just keeps making lame jokes while his clan buddies just laugh along to sentences that nobody else understands. He seems to know more about useless information than anything else. You ask him simple questions and the guy does not know anything. He hits on girls and gets rejected, therefore causing him to piss off every other girl he sees on the way. Girls are disgusted with his ignorance and he is easily mute.

2. The Fake


We are taught to not believe anything over the internet. This guy likes to talk about his life a lot, a life that seems too good to be true. He says things like, “I totally have a [exotic car name], and ten girlfriends.” First of all, who has time for ten girlfriends? Once ‘The Fake’ says this, all of us in the lobby will automatically assume that you live in your mother’s basement. Maybe this guy really is successful but who the hell cares, the only way to impress people online is with your scores.

3. The Too Manly for Mankind


He is better known as the, “make me a sandwich” dude cause that’s all he eats, Sandwiches. He goes out of his way to put the girl in the lobby in her “place”. He doesn’t even play good or give any good directions, and is the always the first death. This guy is a professional at pissing people off, he wants to dominate the game, he wants to be the alpha male. But c’mon you’re never going to Kratos with that terrible k/d.

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