The 7 Types of Guys ‘Girl Gamers’ Have to Deal With Online

4. The Trying To Hard


This is the guy that gets so excited when there is a girl in the lobby; it is his moment in life where he may finally snag his life partner. Deep breathing echoes through the mic, “hey cutie, beautiful, gorgeous.. etc.” Once I hear that, automatic turn off, thank you for the mute button. Is this guy so desperate that he will hit on any girl when he in fact does not know how she looks like?

Perhaps he is but to us girls he is ‘trying too hard’. Heads up fellas, if you seem to run into a girl that actually likes to hear these guys constantly hit on her, it must mean that she doesn’t hear it much, that should give you a hint.

5. The Annoying Kid


You hear that high pitched voice and you either have to guess if it’s a girl or a boy. Listen to what this child says and it makes you wonder how terrible his parents are. If this kid was yours, you would not tolerate the garbage coming from the pipes of this young one. This kid has that “don’t care” attitude and most of them seem to travel in packs. Even though he doesn’t respect girl gamers, you know its game over for him when you hear his mom yelling through the mic.

6. The Lonely


We find this guy so charming at first. He’s a pretty quiet guy, girls like guys that are sweet and sensitive. NOT. Once you get to know him, he is kind of… depressing. It started off with a care package gift to a small conversation about our dogs and now he’s telling me his entire life story. The girl either does two things at this point, she either A. leave and delete or B. keep listening because 1. She feels bad or 2. She feels your pain. Don’t be those depressing guys, it rubs off sometimes.

7. The Foreign Douche


Some girls find accents hot and exotic; sometimes we don’t even care how you look like, we just want to hear that sultry voice. But then there are those guys that have the accent, but come off as extremely unattractive. He is extremely rude to the girls that are at the top of the lobby. He makes it seem like women are dogs in his country. When he is mad, he will talk in his language and we can’t help but be racist. This guy is so obnoxious; he should’ve just stuck to making his account in his country.

Not all the guys that we meet are put in to these categories; just the ones that don’t have any respect for us are being called out. It’s really refreshing to play with men, real men that treat us like normal human beings. Not only that but being respectful is attractive to a lot of girls, more than you think. Anybody can actually relate to this article because we’ve all met these intolerable people at some point in our gaming lives. Just play nice people.

Tell us what you think about this article and let us know what other traits really ruins the mood for girl gamers in the comments below.