6 videogame scenes that shocked gamers and made them cry

Videogames allow us to be a part of an interactive experience unlike any other medium. Not only are you immersed in the moment but often you’re in control of the outcome. Needless to say, this puts us through a roller coaster of emotions more often than not.

Although most of it is fun and games (pun intended), there are some rare scenes which actually make us feel real emotions in connection with the storyline.

Today, we look at some of the most shocking videogame moments of all time that not only proved difficult to play but also left a lasting impression on the player. Note: This feature contains major story spoilers.


No Russian – Modern Warfare 2


The fact that we’ve written an entire article about this level from Modern Warfare 2 is reason enough for you to believe that it’s by far the most controversial videogame level of all time and definitely one of the most shocking sequences ever created.

Terrorism is an actual problem that the world has to battle every single day with acts of terror becoming more and more frequent and well executed. In this day and age, having a level that puts you as part of a group of terrorist invading an airport and spraying unsuspecting civilains with bullets is definitely not a decision many developers would dare make.


Especially, if you’re responsible for creating the next installment of one of the best shooter franchises of all time. But, Infinity Ward did just that and in doing so created a memorable yet courageous sequence that remains videogame’s poster child for controversy to date.


Meet Samus Aran – The Main Character of Metroid


Metroid, an action-adventure game by Nintendo was released back in 1986. The game was the first edition of the legendary Metroid series. Video games in the 80’s usually featured male characters who would be given the task of rescuing their females. Metroid was the one of the first games which featured a female character as its protagonist.

However, Nintendo never announced or let the players know that they were playing with a female character. The players got to know about that once Samus revealed herself by removing her helmet after the completion of the game during the end-credits scene. This was a shock for many of the kids back in the 80’s who were accustomed to controlling cars or playing with male characters.