The 19 most popular female gamers on Youtube that have insane fan following

Gaming is one of the most popular genres on Youtube, and these girls are running some of the most successful channels. Here’s the list of the most popular ones based on total subscribers. Many of them have been at it for 10+ years.

19. Aureylian


339k subscribers

Starting off our list is Aureylian, who started her channel back in 2011, and has nearly 35 million views.


“Crafter. Gamer. Nerd. Forgecrafter. Mindcracker. Lover of all things Geek. “

18. JayneeWasTaken

YouTube video

404k subscribers

Jaynee was over 400k subs, and just over 160 videos, which shows that sometimes it’s all about quality and not just quantity.

“Hello, I’m Jaynee ^_^ I am married to Keyori, and I mostly make League of Legends videos!! Subscribe to join the Cupcake Club today! :D”



434k subscribers


Zoey is one of three YOGSCAST members to make it on this list, and there are more waiting in the wings of this dominant collective of gamers.

“Zoey Proasheck is the name and videos are the game… video games are the game. Videos about video games are the game. What videos on what video games? Video game videos like Pokémon. Pokémon is a video game and I make videos about it. Minecraft, Tomodachi Life and Scribblenauts are also video games that I video.”