Animator Manages To Sneak ‘Sub To PewDiePie’ Into YouTube Rewind

Each and every year YouTube celebrates some of its most popular content creators with what’s known as YouTube Rewind – a video summarising the memes and memories of the year. YouTube Rewind is a controversial event, with YouTubers blasting the idea as it neglects to include some of the platform’s biggest stars – most notably, … Read more

Ninja Has Streamed A Record Breaking Amount Of Fortnite Over The Past Year

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is the Twitch streamer who’s become a household name thanks to his Fortnite streams, and the multi-millionaire has just revealed how long he’s actually spent on the game this year. Posting his achievement on Twitter, Ninja confirmed that he’s spent nearly 4000 hours chasing that oh-so-sweet Victory Royale, and that’s a LOT … Read more

Streamer Drops The Truth On Why People Watch Gaming Livestreams

First came the Let’s Plays, then came the livestreams and now, if you don’t have a favourite Twitch star or keep up with the latest eSports news then you’re sort of…out of the loop. But why did livestreaming get so popular? For the big dogs like Ninja, the format has earned them millions and millions … Read more

Ninja Threatens To Get Player Perma-Banned for Something he Didn’t Do

Fortnite streamer Ninja has been letting off some serious anger after a recent in-game altercation with another player. Ninja was apparently streaming some more of the Battle Royale game from Epic Games when he was killed by a competitor – pretty normal right? Well, after taking down Ninja, the player then apparently danced on his … Read more

Ninja Is Mad About The Newest Skin Added To Fortnite

Ninja is known as the most popular Fortnite streamer in the world, but despite being a huge fan of the Epic Games title, it seems he’s a little less than impressed with the game’s newest cosmetic skins… In a Twitch stream Ninja reacted to the latest skin which seems to reference another streamer who definitely … Read more

Top 9 Horror Games ‘Ruined’ By YouTubers

The horror genre of gaming maybe isn’t as popular on YouTube as it once was, and maybe there’s a reason for that. There are an absolute tonne of games that reached peak popularity thanks to the likes of PewDiePie, Markiplier, JackSepticEye and more, but lots of the games’ OG fans resent the ‘fake’ screams and … Read more