MrBeast Has Helped YouTuber Gain Over $400,000 In A Month

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has helped a YouTuber gain over $400,000 from videos in a month after sharing guidance. MrBeast is a well-known face on the internet, with his YouTube videos racking up colossal view counts. He’s also known for how much he gives away, and now it seems that he’s giving away his expert guidance … Read more

Top YouTubers Are Promoting ‘Bogus Loot Box’ Gambling Sites…Again

YouTube stars including Jake Paul and RiceGum have come under fire for ‘promoting bogus loot boxes’ on their channels. A website called MysteryBrand has been featured in their videos, which showcase the YouTubers winning huge prizes through mystery-loot-box-style gambling. The way it works is pretty much the same as in-game loot boxes. Before you open your virtual … Read more

Ubisoft Dev Who ‘Threatened’ PewDiePie Has Reportedly Been Fired

World’s biggest YouTuber PewDiePie has recently been accused of being an anti-semite (again), after plugging a YouTube channel without knowing it use racist and prejudice language. After posting a video to his own channel mocking the scandal and explaining his side of the issue, PewDiePie continued to receive hate from non-bros, and one non-bro in … Read more

YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Officially The Most Disliked Video Ever

YouTube Rewind 2018 has quickly become the most controversial Rewind viewers have ever seen. The video is (supposed to be) YouTube’s annual celebration of content creators across the platform, but over the years the Rewinds have gotten people more riled up than impressed… There’s been a lot of scandals coming from the stars appearing in them, with everything … Read more

Craziest Things That Happened On YouTube In 2018

YouTube is no stranger to controversy and 2018 has been no different. Here’s some of the craziest thing the platform and its stars went through this year. Logan Paul and the Suicide Forest Technically this happened at the back end of 2017, but the backlash went on well into 2018. We all know this one … Read more

YouTube Rewind Is The Second Most Disliked Video Of All Time

YouTube Rewind is YouTube’s annual celebration of content creators on its platform, but over the year the videos have gotten people more riled up than impressed… From scandals around long work hours when filming, to accusations of ‘discrimination’ against certain content creators, YouTube Rewind is no stranger to controversy. This year’s edition is no different, … Read more