YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Officially The Most Disliked Video Ever

YouTube Rewind 2018 has quickly become the most controversial Rewind viewers have ever seen.

The video is (supposed to be) YouTube’s annual celebration of content creators across the platform, but over the years the Rewinds have gotten people more riled up than impressed…

There’s been a lot of scandals coming from the stars appearing in them, with everything from long work hours when filming, to accusations of ‘discrimination’ against certain content creators causing upset in the community.

Credit: PewDiePie

YouTube Rewind is definitely no stranger to controversy, but 2018’s edition has now become the most disliked YouTube video of all time.

At the time of writing, the video stands at 120 million views, with 2.1 million likes, and a whopping 10 million dislikes.

Credit: YouTube


Check out the official numbers below.

The 2018 edition of Rewind has been blasted for leaving out a lot of content creators, and instead focusing on the celebrities and memes rather than the long-standing and successful faces of the videoing platform.

YouTube has been accused of being “disconnected” from its users.

Comments on the video itself get even even worse, with one user writing: “Youtube is so disconnected with their viewers now it’s not even funny.”

Another added: “But where are the youtubers?”

There’s now hundreds of responses and reviews of the 2018 YouTube Rewind – and they all want to know why YouTube is ignoring its content creators.

Credit: YouTube

If you haven’t seen this years’ Rewind then check it out below – what’s your opinion on the 2018 video, and should it be the last Rewind we ever see?

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