Ninja Is Mad About The Newest Skin Added To Fortnite

Ninja is known as the most popular Fortnite streamer in the world, but despite being a huge fan of the Epic Games title, it seems he’s a little less than impressed with the game’s newest cosmetic skins…

Credit: Epic Games

In a Twitch stream Ninja reacted to the latest skin which seems to reference another streamer who definitely isn’t Ninja.

In the clipped version of the stream, which you can see below, Ninja reacts pretty badly to what appears to be a Summit1G-themed cosmetic, boasting Summit1G’s signature colours complete with the letter ‘G’ emblazoned on the chest.

Even worse, Epic has named the skin the ‘Summit Striker,’ leaving little doubt in people’s minds that this was a bit of a slap in the face for Ninja.

However, Ninja doesn’t need to hang up his controller just yet, as Epic Games has stepped in to announce that no, this isn’t a skin for Summit1G – it’s just a bad coincidence.


As for Summit1G himself, he jokingly told his chat during a stream: “‘Fortnite made you a skin’ – I know dude, they hit me up and were like look, ‘Ninja’s been asking us for a skin, we want to just make him feel like sh*t, so we’re going to give you a skin. Don’t tell anybody, but it’s low key you.'”

Credit: Ninja

Lol. Watch the clip above and let us know what you think!

Despite it being over a year old now, Fortnite is attracting more players than ever before, and now boasts around 8.3 million monthly players – a shocking figure for any game.

Credit: Ninja

The beauty of a game like Fortnite is it can be played on basically anything from your mobile phone to your Nintendo Switch, meaning you can play against your friends without each needing to have the same console or device. That’s just one of the reasons behind the big numbers the game continues to draw in, of course, but it’s definitely a plus for cross-play.

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