Ninja Has Streamed A Record Breaking Amount Of Fortnite Over The Past Year

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is the Twitch streamer who’s become a household name thanks to his Fortnite streams, and the multi-millionaire has just revealed how long he’s actually spent on the game this year.

Credit: Ninja

Posting his achievement on Twitter, Ninja confirmed that he’s spent nearly 4000 hours chasing that oh-so-sweet Victory Royale, and that’s a LOT of time.

Putting that into perspective, that’s either 158.3 days or 228,000 minutes, which is a helluva lot of Fortnite. It’s actually 12 hours of streaming a day – at least according to Ninja.

Ninja’s been in the headlines recently for p*ssing off a lot of people when he threatened to get a fellow Fortnite fan banned.

Ninja was apparently streaming some of the Battle Royale game from Epic Games when he was killed by a competitor – pretty normal right? Well, after taking down Ninja, the player then apparently danced on his body.

Credit: Epic Games

Clearly incredibly angered by the situation, Ninja vented via livestream about the incident, and he didn’t seem to see the funny side…

YouTube video

Speaking about the incident, in which he threatened to get the player banned, Ninja said: “I was completely out of line…100%. That was obvious…

“There’s so much misinformation. ‘Ninja got him banned.’ I didn’t get anyone banned. Did I say I was going to? Absolutely…

“It’s getting completely blown out of proportion.”

Fans are incredibly unhappy with Ninja’s behaviour, branding him ‘toxic’ to the Fortnite community.

Credit: Ninja

In a clip of the incident itself, Ninja can be heard telling the player: “If you leave right now I will not report you,” despite having already reported him for ‘Stream sniping.’

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