People Are Recreating Red Dead Redemption 2 In The Sims 4

Games like Mojang’s Minecraft or EA’s The Sims allow you to create your ideal universe, so why wouldn’t you recreate the best world possible? Of course, I’m talking about Red Dead Redemption 2.

Credit: EA Games

Yes, players of people-simulation game, The Sims 4, are putting an entirely different spin on Rockstar’s latest game, and we’ve seen some pretty awesome attempts to bring Arthur Morgan to life within the EA title.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Over on Reddit a user and RDR fan by the name of Symmetra_NaCl posted the following image to the r/reddeadredemption subreddit, showing off a painstakingly detailed recreation of RDR’s Shady Belle. Check it out below!

I know none of you are probably interested in this, but I tried to make Shady Belle in the Sims 4! from r/reddeadredemption

It’s seriously impressive stuff.

The Sims/RDR2 fan-made crossover might be the new way to play Red Dead, since the recently-launched Red Dead Online is failing to tick the boxes of fans.

The online multiplayer version of RDR2 has been slammed for its “broken” economy, with everything being so expensive that the grind is seriously real. Unless you fork out via those pesky microtransactions of course…

If you haven’t played RDO yet, there’s two monetary tiers right now – you can earn cash and gold bars. A typical mission could earn you about $4, or potentially around 0.01 of a gold bar. In theory, you could sink hours into the game without earning so much as a gold bar.

Credit: Rockstar Games

In the RDR2 campaign it was a lot easier to bring in the dollar, but Rockstar hasn’t changed the prices of its weapons and extras. What could take 20m to earn in RDR2 now could take up your whole weekend, but the reward stays the same, begging the question – is it worth the effort?

It’s not just things like weapons that you can buy either, as RDO has unavoidable costs for the upkeep of your stables and camps, so you’d best have some time on your hands.

Have you been playing Red Dead Online? What do you think about it?