People Are Calling Red Dead Redemption 2 “Animal Racist”

Red Dead Redemption 2 has everything you’d ever need in a game and more. You can take care of your horse, you can skin animals, and you can pet the dogs you see in the streets. What more could you ask for?

Credit: Rockstar Games

Well, apparently you can ask for the ability to pet cats, which is what nearly 2000 people are asking for in a petition to Rockstar Games.

A RDR2 fan by the name of Mark Kenway has started a petition for Rockstar to make cats pet-able, branding the game as “animal racist” for not including the mechanic from the get-go…

On the petition, Kenway rages: “We can’t pet cats in Red Dead Redemption 2 but we can pet dogs. Wtf is this animalracism [sic] ?

Credit: Rockstar Games

“We need to be able to pet cats or I’ll fcking [sic] stop petting all dogs that I see. I’m not fcking joking. Try me.

“One day, I was walking in Saint-Denis and I saw a kitty. Wanting to pet this cute little guy, I crouched to see if I could pet him like I usually do to every dogs I see (even during missions, robbery, etc) but for some reason, I got triggered by the fact that you cannot pet a mf cat in this game but you can pet all the dogs instead.

Credit: Rockstar Games
“I think this is bullsh*t. For 120 bucks, I want to pet a cat if I want to instead of getting wanted cause a lady decided to cross the street while I’m trying to drift with my horse at 20mph in the city during the day.”
At the time of writing, 1,919 people have signed the petition. Check it out here.
Over on Twitter people seem to share the sentiment…

Would you like to pet cats in RDR2?