Streamer Drops The Truth On Why People Watch Gaming Livestreams

First came the Let’s Plays, then came the livestreams and now, if you don’t have a favourite Twitch star or keep up with the latest eSports news then you’re sort of…out of the loop.

Credit: Blizzard

But why did livestreaming get so popular? For the big dogs like Ninja, the format has earned them millions and millions of dollars, and streams are the perfect place to talk to like-minded fans of games that you yourself enjoy.

One Twitch streamer believes that’s exactly why people enjoy livestreams – because they can go and talk about games.

In a recent stream, Twitch user A_Seagull said to his fans that he believes there just isn’t a place for people to talk about games anymore.

Credit: Blizzard

Using the example of Overwatch, he says: “People don’t talk about the game anymore. I watch a lot of stuff. There are probably less than 10 Overwatch YouTubers. 

“The only place for discussions in most games is 1) Reddit 2) YouTube 3) Twitch…turns out most of the Twitch streamers are already quitting…

“Who actually talks about the game anymore?”

Credit: Blizzard

It might not be a valid point for all games, as Reddit forums such as the r/Reddeadredemption forum have been blowing up since the game’s release – but in a few months, it’s likely that will see a significant drop in conversation.

Check out the clipped video of the stream above and let us know your opinion.

What do you think about A_Seagull‘s views? Where do you go to talk about games?