Ninja Threatens To Get Player Perma-Banned for Something he Didn’t Do

Fortnite streamer Ninja has been letting off some serious anger after a recent in-game altercation with another player.

Ninja was apparently streaming some more of the Battle Royale game from Epic Games when he was killed by a competitor – pretty normal right? Well, after taking down Ninja, the player then apparently danced on his body.

Credit: Ninja

Clearly incredibly angered by the situation, Ninja vented via livestream about the incident, and he didn’t seem to see the funny side…

YouTube video

Speaking about the incident, in which he threatened to get the player banned, Ninja said: “I was completely out of line…100%. That was obvious…

“There’s so much misinformation. ‘Ninja got him banned.’ I didn’t get anyone banned. Did I say I was going to? Absolutely…

“It’s getting completely blown out of proportion.”

Fans are incredibly unhappy with Ninja’s behaviour, branding him ‘toxic’ to the Fortnite community.

“Ninja is too overrated, he got mad cause the other guy killed him. He also thinks he streamed sniped him because he danced,” reads one comment on the video clip. “I mean i always dance when i kill someone. Ninja trys to find any exuse [sic] when he gets deleted. Lol 😂 Ninja=overrated👎”

YouTube video

In a clip of the incident itself, Ninja can be heard telling the player: “If you leave right now I will not report you,” despite having already reported him for ‘Stream sniping.’

Naturally, people aren’t pleased with Ninja right now, with one commenter saying: “Bruh ninja should get banned for falsely reporting someone.”

Another YouTube user commented: “Wow I was a Ninja fan but he is soooo cringe I hate him now.”

Credit: Ninja

Watch both the incident video and Ninja’s reaction video above and let us know what you think. Is Ninja right or wrong here?