Epic Games Uses Fortnite To Raise $36 Million In A Day For Ukraine

Epic Games has raised $36 million in 24 hours thanks to sales from Fortnite, and it’s all going towards helping Ukraine. The company announced that all proceeds from Fortnite over the next two weeks will be going towards support for Ukraine. The country has been devastated by Russia’s invasion, which is still ongoing. The $36 … Read more

Elon Musk Challenges Putin To Single Combat Fight Over Ukraine

In a very strange and tone-deaf tweet, Elon Musk has challenged Vladimir Putin to a trial by combat, with Ukraine as the prize. Elon Musk, Time’s Person of the Year 2021, has decided to challenge Vladimir Putin, noted dictator and warmonger, to do battle for Ukraine. In a questionable tweet, the Tech CEO and billionaire … Read more

Twitch Will Withhold Payments From Russian Streamers

The livestreaming platform Twitch will now be withholding payments from Russian streamers following sanctions after the invasion of Ukraine. Twitch is not the first to join the list of companies who are withdrawing business from Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, and it probably won’t be the last. In fact, sanctions have been growing every … Read more

CD Projekt Red Halts All Game Sales In Russia And Belarus

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, CD Projekt Red has halted all sales of its games in Russia and Belarus. The company, known for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher series of games, put out a statement yesterday about the situation. It reads “In light of the Russian military invasion in our neighboring country of Ukraine, until … Read more

DOOM Creator Adds New Level To Raise Money For Ukraine

The creator of DOOM, John Remero, has added a new level to DOOM II to raise money for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Last week, Russia invaded Ukraine, staring a war still going on now. In an effort to support Ukraine, Romero has released the new level on his website romero.com. People can download the … Read more

Stalker 2 Development On Hold As Studio Helps Employees Survive In Ukraine

The development of Stalker 2 has been put on hold following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, where the studio is based. GSC Game World posted a video on their YouTube channel explaining how the war is affecting its employees and their families. The video starts by discussing the studio working on motion capture. It describes how … Read more