Destiny 2’s The Game Awards Trailer Sees A Return To Mars

A new trailer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen was shown at the Game Awards, and it seems like we’ll be heading back to Mars next year. The trailer focuses on a Guardian’s encounter with the new Hive enemies, the Lucent Brood. Interestingly, it’s interspersed with live-action segments along with gameplay. We got a look … Read more

Geoff Keighley Promises No NFTs At The Game Awards

The Game Awards will return this year, and the host has confirmed no “NFT stuff” will make an appearance. NFTs are a controversial topic, and some games companies like EA and Ubisoft have announced that they want to utilise them. However, many players want to keep them out of games due to their environmental impact … Read more

The Game Awards 2018: Crash Team Racing Reboot Officially Announced

It’s been announced that¬†PlayStation One cult classic title, Crash Team Racing, is getting a remake. Hooray! Revealed as a part of The Game Awards 2018, the news isn’t too much of a shock, as people has their suspicions about the project thanks to posts on Twitter and Reddit. Over¬†on the r/crashbandicoot subreddit, a user by … Read more

People Suspect Metroid Prime Trilogy Is About To Be Announced

A mysterious game listing on Swedish website Inet has gotten the gaming community pretty hyped as it seems to suggest the Metroid Prime Trilogy might be headed to the Nintendo Switch… The listing, which you can check out here, has led fans to believe that we could be getting an official announcement on the news … Read more