A New Marvel Game Is Being Made By Former Blizzard Devs

The success of Marvel and Insomniac Games’ PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man, means any future game bearing the Marvel name has got some pretty huge boots to fill. But when it comes to creating AAA games that focus on creating worlds, immersing the player and providing some seriously in-depth lore and stories, you can almost always rely … Read more

Avengers: Endgame Reddit Theory Could Point To Unexpected Plot Twist

With half the Avengers being swept up with a dustpan and brush while the rest face some pretty grim prospects in the first Avengers: Endgame trailer, things aren’t looking great for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But are things about to get worse thanks to a villain even bigger than Josh Brolin’s Thanos? As Joe and Anthony Russo prepare … Read more

Robert Downey Jnr Responds To NASA’s Advice To Marvel

Last week the world was treated to the first trailer for the fourth Avengers movie – Avengers: Endgame. Marvel fans across the world went into a frenzy, and if you haven’t yet seen it, check out the trailer below. Over on Twitter, Marvel fans flooded NASA’s official page with requests, asking the space administration to … Read more

Marvel Stuntmen Recreated Super Smash Bros And It’s Brilliant

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched last week, and it’s all anyone’s been playing ever since. Although narrative-driven games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man and God Of War have dominated the charts throughout the year, it looks like it’s time for a classic brawler to take the top spot. As the world celebrates that … Read more

Fortnite Player Makes The Avengers Stark Tower In-Game

Right now The Avengers is all anyone is talking about thanks to the recently-revealed first trailer for the upcoming Avengers Endgame. It was just a matter of time before people took to the likes of Fortnite to bring the Avengers world to life, and that’s just what’s happened. Videos of a user who’s painstakingly recreated … Read more

Twitter Won’t Stop Asking NASA To Help Save Tony Stark

With the reveal of the first trailer for the fourth Avengers movie having just come out, the superhero film is the only thing anyone’s talking about. Over on Twitter, Marvel fans have flooded NASA’s official page with requests, asking the space administration to offer their services to help the one and only Tony Stark. @princessgeek82 … Read more

An Avengers Game Could Be Announced At The Game Awards

We could finally be seeing an Avengers game Marvel’s The Avengers is one of the biggest dominators of the box office, and with hype increasing around the upcoming Avengers 4, it’s not really any surprise to learn that Square Enix is planning on releasing an Avengers game. Avengers: Infinity War Director Reveals Loki Is Actually Dead However, with The … Read more