Fortnite Player Makes The Avengers Stark Tower In-Game

Right now The Avengers is all anyone is talking about thanks to the recently-revealed first trailer for the upcoming Avengers Endgame.

Credit: Marvel

It was just a matter of time before people took to the likes of Fortnite to bring the Avengers world to life, and that’s just what’s happened.

Videos of a user who’s painstakingly recreated the entirety of Tony Stark’s Stark Tower have popped up online and it’s the most impressive thing in Fortnite right now.

Credit: Marvel

Reddit user Sputeit is responsible for the amazing feat, and it’s all down to hard work, effort and Epic Games’ recently-introduced Creative Mode.

Check out Stark Tower in all its glory below.

Attention Epics Interior Designers: Destiny has arrived. from r/FortniteCreative

Impressive stuff, right?!

Fortnite‘s Creative Mode is wowing players right now, and some amazing creations have already come to life in the game. Fans have branded the new mode as “the best thing that’s happened to Fortnite,” saying it’s everything that Playground Mode turned out NOT to be.

Credit: Epic Games

The likes of Call Of Duty‘s famous Terminal Map, along with Nuketown have already shown up in the game. See a snippet of them below.

What crazy creations and crossovers have you come across since the launch of Fortnite‘s Creative Mode?