Marvel Has Confirmed What Stan Lee’s Last Film Cameo Will Be

The world is still in mourning following the shocking news that comic book legend Stan Lee passed away. Lee is known as one of the most iconic legends of the comic book world, with his contributions to Marvel knowing no bounds. His creations and work over the years have earned him celebrity status, with millions of … Read more

Popular Movie Scenes Before and After Special Effects

Obviously you know that a lot of special effects go into big budget movies, but it’s still amazing to see these scenes before and after their special effects (Or, in this case, after then before…). When you’re watching a movie with incredible CGI, you tend to forget that it’s even there (at least when it’s … Read more

Secret Footage Of Canned Avengers First-Person Game Surfaces

If you’re a fan of The Avengers, you might be aware that THQ was working on a videogame version of the first Avengers movie but the project was cancelled due to the death of the company (they filed for bankruptcy). However, the game apparently had reached advanced stages of development before being thrown into the … Read more