Popular Movie Scenes Before and After Special Effects

Obviously you know that a lot of special effects go into big budget movies, but it’s still amazing to see these scenes before and after their special effects (Or, in this case, after then before…).

When you’re watching a movie with incredible CGI, you tend to forget that it’s even there (at least when it’s done well) but the fact is that it plays a huge, huge role in making movies look the way they do.

Here’s a look at some of your favorite movies (and tv shows) how you’re used to seeing them, and then before special effects have been added.

Guardians of the Galaxy

gotg1 gotg2

District 9

The most shocking of all, Game of Thrones, on the next page:

Game of Thrones

Game of thrones before and after special 2 Game of thrones before and after special



got3 got4

The Martian

martian1 martian2

Max Max: Fury Road

The really interesting thing about this one is how similar both images are. You’d expect Mad Max to have a lot more CGI than it actually does.

mm1 mm2

mm3 mm4


rc1 rc2

300 – Rise of an Empire

roe1 roe2

King Arthur

ka1 ka2

The Walking Dead

wd1 wd2

Continued on the next page


dp1 dp2

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

pa1 pa2


g1 g2


godzilla godzilla2

The Avengers

a1 a2

The Secret in Their Eyes

e1 e2

The Hobbit

h1 h2

The Matrix

mat1 mat2

The Wolf of Wall Street

wws1 wws2

Boardwalk Empire

bw1 bw2

Life of Pi

pi1 pi2