Popular Movie Scenes Before and After Special Effects

Obviously you know that a lot of special effects go into big budget movies, but it’s still amazing to see these scenes before and after their special effects (Or, in this case, after then before…). When you’re watching a movie with incredible CGI, you tend to forget that it’s even there (at least when it’s … Read more

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Mad Max has made a comeback into pop-culture and how. First the sleeper hit in the form of Fury Road and now a full-fledged game which goes above and beyond of being just another licensed game. When you bring in Avalanche Studio to do the development duties, it gets even more intense. Does it live … Read more

Mad Max Delayed Until 2015

The game was unveiled last year E3. As we’re getting closer to this year’s E3, Avalanche Studios along with  Warner Bros. has just released a new trailer showing that the Mad Max video game will be available in 2015. The game were scheduled to come out this year for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, … Read more

Mad Max ‘Soul of a Man’ Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Mad Max was first announced back at E3 where there was only a sneak peek, and not really much of anything else. Avalanche Studios has been posting screenshots and counting down the days till they finally unveil the gameplay trailer of the new game. Today the video Mad Max – Gameplay Reveal: ‘Soul of a Man’ was … Read more

New Mad Max game shown off by Avalanche at E3 2013

Avalanche’s brand new Mad Max is a open world third person game. As announced in at E3 today, with the exception of the Road Warrior survival kit which is exclusive to the PS3, the game is coming to other platforms. The press release that followed the game’s E3 showcase, however were conflicting in nature to … Read more