Soulja Boy Is Trying To Sell Yet Another ‘Knock-off’ Console

Rapper Soulja Boy has been in the headlines for the last few weeks thanks to his attempts to release his own console. Soulja Boy recently tried to launch a console that was basically just an emulator with a focus on playable Nintendo games. Iconic old games like The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the … Read more

Soulja Boy Faces Lengthy Prison Sentence After Selling Fake Games Console

Soulja Boy has been in the spotlight recently after unveiling a range of suspicious-looking tech items, including a smart watch and games console. Images of tech products started cropping up on Twitter, from the ‘SouljaGame console’ to the ‘SouljaGame handheld’ – all bases have been covered. lmfao soulja boy what you doing — . … Read more

Soulja Boy Is Getting A Dance Added To Fortnite

Soulja Boy is apparently still relevant, and it’s just been revealed that the American rapper will be forever immortalised in the world of gaming, thanks to none other than Epic Games. That’s right, Soulja Boy tweeted stating: “A little bug told me that Crank That Soulja Boy emote is coming soon to @FortniteGame” A little … Read more