Soulja Boy Is Getting A Dance Added To Fortnite

Soulja Boy is apparently still relevant, and it’s just been revealed that the American rapper will be forever immortalised in the world of gaming, thanks to none other than Epic Games.

Credit: Epic Games

That’s right, Soulja Boy tweeted stating: “A little bug told me that Crank That Soulja Boy emote is coming soon to

Crank That is, of course, the song that made Soulja Boy what he is today, with the debut track spending seven weeks at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 when it released way back in 2007.

The song also featured on the Rolling Stone magazine’s compilation of 100 Best Songs of 2007, and even now – 11 years later – it’s pretty hard to not break into a rap when you hear the words “Crank that.”

Credit: Epic Games

It seems that Epic Games agrees that the tune is one of the most iconic tracks of the noughties, and – of course – the internet has had a lot to say on the matter.

Seems not everyone is happy with how Epic is treating its game recently, with Twitter having mixed feelings on the subject.

Credit: Epic Games

What do you think about the new emote? Worth picking up and getting back into a game of Fortnite, or is Epic losing some of its dedicated fanbase?