Here’s A Look At Each Pokémon In The Detective Pikachu Trailer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you’re still waiting for your service provider to sort your internet out, you really should have seen the first trailer for the upcoming live-action Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu.

Similar to the Nintendo 3DS game of the same name, the story follows a Pikachu who can mysteriously be understood by one boy, and their quest to solve some seriously weird goings-on in the world of Pokemon.

In the newly-revealed trailer we’ve gotten a sneak peak of some of the most iconic characters in Pokemon – and some of the creepiest.

Here’s each Pokemon in all their furry/3D/live-action/uncanny valley glory…


It’s called Detective Pikachu so obviously we’d be seeing our favourite yellow guy. Not everyone expected to see him in this form though and it’s a little…jarring.


…no comment.


One of the better-looking Pokemon who really sort-of suits the live-action treatment.

Mr. Mime

This one is a straight-up no from me.


Not too many complaints for Charizard, but he’s still a little…fluffy?


Hopefully less annoying that the anime version, amiright?


Personally, Bulbasaur looks spot-on for me. Plus he doesn’t have the weird frog-walk that everyone freaked out about earlier this year. 10/10.


A pretty sneaky spot here – see them? Next to the Bulbasaur? Hopefully we’ll get more detail in the actual movie.

Comfey, Braviary, Flabébé, Pidgeotto

A quadruple spot. There’s some debate on whether that’s a Pidgey or Pidgeotto – I’m going with the latter (sorry).


It’s smaller than I expected…


Also a stove. Useful! But still fluffy? Why?! Surely that’s a fire hazard…


Another blurry spot, but another classic Pokemon. Not literally of course, it’s not a Gen One, but you know what I mean.



More of an Easter egg than an appearance, at least Squirtle looks decidedly not-furry.




Definitely not to scale.



And that’s it – for now. Did you spot any Pokemon we missed? Check out the trailer below and let us know!

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