Soulja Boy Is Trying To Sell Yet Another ‘Knock-off’ Console

Rapper Soulja Boy has been in the headlines for the last few weeks thanks to his attempts to release his own console.

Credit: Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy recently tried to launch a console that was basically just an emulator with a focus on playable Nintendo games.

Credit: Nintendo

Iconic old games like The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Yoshi’s Island were apparently available on the console, but it’s also reportedly able to play the likes of the recently-released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Obviously Nintendo wasn’t going to allow this to happen, and despite the claims having been dismissed by Soulja Boy, it’s now believed that Nintendo took some form of legal action against the rapper.

That console is now no longer up for sale.

Credit: SouljaGame

Anyway, it appears a supposed cease and desist from Nintendo wasn’t enough, as it seems Soulja Boy is still trying his best to break into the console market – this time with a PlayStation-like portable console…

Credit: SouljaGame

The console’s features include: “Exquisite craftsmanship and fashion design with a reasonable price.

“Built in camera for photo shooting and video recording.

“Support TV output, can connect TV to play games and watch movies.

“Support PC Camera, connect the computer, can use as computer camera.

“4.3 inch 16:9 HD screen, 480 x 272 resolution.

“Multi thread task mode, you can listen to music, while watching e-books.

“Stereo sound speakers give you different auditory experiences.

“Supports JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG image format.

“Practical functions: calculator, calendar, stopwatch, etc

“Set sleep shutdown time to help save energy, it is convenient to use.

“Built in high definition microphone, high quality recording and ordinary recording for you to choose.”

The console is available for $100 USD and you can pick one up right here. Whether or not Sony is planning legal action remains to be seen.

Featured image credit: Soulja Boy/Instagram/SouljaGame