PlayStation Network reaches record number of users, crosses this magical number

Sony’s PlayStation Network is slowly becoming the ultimate online gaming service. Recently, PSN has reached a record number of active consumers according to a recent Corporate Strategy Meeting. During the meeting, Sony acknowledged that the network had reached a total of 70 million monthly active users. When you take into account that Xbox Live only achieved a … Read more

Sony Adds Important Security Feature To PS4 That Xbox Has Had Since 2013

Five years ago Playstation suffered a massive cyber attack. On April 2011 more than 70 million accounts were compromised as a result of this hack. Finally Sony has introduced a new standard, two-step verification process to secure your accounts further. In a statement issued to Polygon. Sony confirmed the upcoming security feature: “In order to … Read more

New PS4 PSN Store Design Has Leaked, View The Images Here

PlayStation 4 has a pretty simple and plain PSN store design. This doesn’t mean that the PSN store is really bad but it isn’t sophisticated or good looking enough for many gamers. Things however can change soon as it seems like Sony is planning to change the PS4 PSN Store design. For a brief moment on March … Read more

Sony To Extend PSN Subscriptions For Free Due To Recent Downtime

PSN was down. Again. But this time, it didn’t last very long – relatively speaking. It was still down for a good chunk of the day, definitely enough to interrupt a lot of people’s plans. The outage lasted about 10 hours. Sony has yet to disclose the cause of this disruption, but everything’s back online now. … Read more