This Ultra-Realistic GTA V Mod with 4K textures looks incredible

GTA V is already an amazing looking game, but of course, modders are never satisfied. A modder by the name of Razed created NaturalVision, with the goal to make GTA V look as photo-realistic as possible. He claims that it’s not absolutely perfect, but it’s quite close. As it seems, a lot of people are … Read more

Modder accuses Bethesda of ripping off his work for Fallout 4 DLC content

Bethesda is typically a fan friendly company. They encourage modding to the point of releasing their own developer tools each time they release a game. Their DLC’s are always full of things to do, and they’re reasonably priced. However, there’s a bit of a controversy going around since yesterday where claims have been made that … Read more

6 Best Fallout 4 Mods Made Without Using The Creation Kit

Modding is synonymous with Bethesda games. Bethesda delivers massive games, with seeminly endless settlements to sa.. wait.. I mean with seemingly endless things to do. That’s only made better by the fact that they give their community unlimited freedom to mod. It helps fix bugs while adding completely new features. The Creation Kit is basically Bethesda’s toolbox … Read more

Fallout 4: Best Graphical Mods To Make The Game Look Better

Fallout 4 has already seen a lot of mods in just two weeks since its release. The PC gaming community is not at holding it back when it comes to releasing mods for the game. There are numerous awesome mods which allows to make the wasteland more adventurous and make it look better. Today we look … Read more

Rumored Leak Details Revealed For Grand Theft Auto 5 Patch 1.11

A plethora of new items, cars, gestures and more will be coming out for the Grand Theft Auto 5 patch 1.11. This is of course from a supposed leaked document revealing some of the updates within the upcoming patch. Nevertheless, we’ll share the details as to what you may be able to expect when the … Read more