Rumored Leak Details Revealed For Grand Theft Auto 5 Patch 1.11

A plethora of new items, cars, gestures and more will be coming out for the Grand Theft Auto 5 patch 1.11. This is of course from a supposed leaked document revealing some of the updates within the upcoming patch. Nevertheless, we’ll share the details as to what you may be able to expect when the patch goes live.

The leaked information happens to come from a Reddit post so take this however you will. According to the post, there will be several new additions added to Grand Theft Auto 5 both for online play and offline.

Multiple Apartments/Garages

It looks like players won’t be subjected to having just one apartment and garage when online. A leaked image shows off that the GPS will locate different areas that you have purchased an apartment at.

New Vehicles 

  • Jester
  • Turismo R
  • Alpha
  • Declasse Asea
  • Albany Cavalclade
  • Declasse Granger
  • Vapid Radius
  • Declass Rancher XL
  • Vapid Stanier
  • Zirconium Stratum
  • Albany Washington
  • Karin Asterope
  • Vapid Bobcat XL
  • Vestra (Plane)

New Gestures

  • Knuckle Cruch
  • Air Thrusting
  • Dock

Vehicle Mods

  • Classical Horn 1
  • Classical Horn 2
  • Classical Horn 3
  • Classical Horn 4
  • Classical Horn 5
  • Purple Tire Smoke
  • Green Tire Smoke