Modders Add A Nuke To An 11 Year Old Game And It Looks Better Than Fallout 76

Bethesda’s Fallout 76 hasn’t has the best start in life, and it’s been pretty much universally panned since its release last month. One thing of particular note amongst Fallout fans is the nukes in the new title, which not everyone has been impressed with. Some gamers have even branded the nukes as “trash” and saying they “suck.” … Read more

You Can Now Play Battle Royale In Doom 2 And It’s Incredible

Battle royale games won’t stop coming (thanks, Fortnite), but this latest one is going to be one for the ages. The legendary classic that is Doom 2 has just gotten itself a battle royale mode courtesy of a mod created by Bambamalicious. You’ll play as one of 64 players battling it out for a Doom victory royale, … Read more

Rockstar Games Comes to the Rescue of Angry GTA V Players

About a week and a half ago, Take Two Interactive, and by extension, Rockstar Games, did the unthinkable- they banned the largest modding tool available in GTA V, OpenIV. Understandably, the community was outraged. The Rockstar Games and GTA V forums were alight with the righteous fury of modders around the world. The Steam rating … Read more

This Skyrim mod lets gamers play a very disturbing new feature

Something that you’ll very rarely see in popular culture, whether it’s TV shows, movies, or games, is the gratuitous killing of babies or children. There are, of course, rare examples contrary to this, but usually it’s a non-human entity, or possessed by a demon, or the like. There’s a controversial Skyrim mod called “Immersive Children” … Read more

This Ultra-realistic GTA V mod with 4K Graphics is what GTA VI might look like

The Grand Theft Auto community never fails to amaze. With the community size increasing every year, and new modders putting out awesome mods to enhance your experience there’s plenty of replay value for Rockstar’s open-world title. Recently, a new mod was made that showcases 4k graphics on the game and it looks stunning. This year, DoctorGTA, a YouTuber … Read more

10 Best Moddable Games That Let You Change Every Detail

For the gamers who like to tinker with both the aesthetic and the functional elements of the games they are playing, the chance to install mods is everything they could ask for. Thus, the more flexible a video game is, the better; everything from weather effects, to weapons, new NPCs and even a totally different … Read more