You Can Now Play Battle Royale In Doom 2 And It’s Incredible

Battle royale games won’t stop coming (thanks, Fortnite), but this latest one is going to be one for the ages.

The legendary classic that is Doom 2 has just gotten itself a battle royale mode courtesy of a mod created by Bambamalicious.

You’ll play as one of 64 players battling it out for a Doom victory royale, working alongside eight bots.

The video description on YouTube states: “I’ve been hard at work and here is the first test of Doom Royale (With Cheese). Doom Royale is a classic battle royale set across E1 of The Ultimate Doom.”

The map is completely inspired by the best of Doom, incorporating three of the original levels into one big playground for you to try and survive the longest.

As is typical now thanks to games like PUBG, the map will constantly be shrinking to drive combat forward and weed out the weak.

Writing and sharing a video to ModDB, the creator has confirmed this isn’t the final product.

YouTube video

“Here it is so far! I’ve got the shrinking play area working, random weapon and item spawns, and 3 levels of E1 stiched together and working,” says the modder.

“This is very rough work so far, and more a proof of concept than the final product. I’ve hit a huge hiccup when it comes to getting any more than 32 bots in the map, but that may be due to my severe lack of RAM at the moment!!!”

From what we’ve seen this is looking pretty epic!

Check out the snippet of gameplay above and let us know what you think. Will you be trying this out?

Battle royale games have been everywhere this year, showing no signs of slowing down. Games like Fortnite and PUBG may be the cause of the surge, but creators are taking the idea and running with it. What’s your favourite battle royale title?