Footage Of Telltale Games’ Stranger Things Leaks Online

Telltale Games has recently closed its doors, causing a whole lot of cr*p for the 250 employees who have suddenly lost their jobs.

Although Telltale is still releasing statements on the future of projects such as its incomplete Final Season of The Walking Dead, there’s one project that almost definitely won’t be coming to light.

Telltale was working with Netflix to release a Stranger Things game – something which is now expected to be cancelled, although it’s yet to be confirmed by the now-defunct company.

However, a little thing like the closure of a development studio doesn’t mean we won’t get a taste of what could have been, as a few screenshots and even a video of early footage of the game have surfaced online.

via Gfycat

According to PCGamesN the leaks first showed up on sites like Reddit and 4Chan, so it’s not 100% confirmed whether or not they’re legit early builds of the game, or just fan-made creations.

They do look a little creepy tbf…

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Aside from showing Will and Joyce in their home, a snippet also surfaced showed a stand-off with a Demogorgon, which looks so good it’s actually pretty sad that we likely won’t be getting this game.

via Gfycat

According to reports on Twitter from Telltale employees 250 lost their jobs, prompting the games industry to stand up and open their doors to those in need of work.

The hashtag #TelltaleJobs was started in the hopes of spreading awareness and finding new roles for the many people who lost their jobs.

Some of the biggest companies in the world of gaming right now – including Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, Epic Games, PUBG Corp, Blizzard, Twitch and DICE just to name a few – ‘opened their doors,’ tweeting condolences and job opportunities, all with the #TelltaleJobs hashtag.

As troubling as the news is, it’s truly remarkable to see just how many games companies are offering their services to those affected. Hopefully the talented people from Telltale will find a new home.