Amazon’s new MMO ‘New World’ shows off it’s Insanely Intricate Map

Amazon Game Studios are currently developing their first sandbox MMO, New World. Set in an undiscovered region, players will face new supernatural threats while completing quests and competing for territory. Although there’s no official release date yet, the studio have begun their closed alpha test. Gameplay features such as detailed crafting and huge battles between opposing clans have been confirmed. With exploration and discovery at the forefront of New World, the level of incredible detail they’ve already shown us is extraordinary. The array of regions you’ll get the chance to traverse makes this MMO one to watch in the coming months.

Amazon’s previous gaming venture was the Twitch-integrated Breakaway, which only survived four months into its alpha before being cancelled. New World also faces the added challenge of the MMO market, which sees gaming titans such as World of Warcraft remain firmly at the top of the charts due to their extremely loyal, long-term player base.

So how will New World set itself apart from its fearsome competitors? The MMORPG seems to be aiming prospective players towards teamwork and collaboration. They’ve even teased a criminal justice system that places bounties on those players with murderous tendencies. This is part of the game’s player-created content system, that sees players setting each other quests as they build their own worlds and stories. Players will share the world with hundreds of others, who all have the option to build and mould the world as they see fit.

Their official Twitter account has already shared some beautiful screenshots of the MMO, showing off several diverse biomes. They’ve shared images of player outposts, trading hubs and of the wilderness where players must defeat supernatural threats to survive.

These environments are amazing, and although Amazon Game Studios are relatively new, they have a team full of experienced developers from a variety of backgrounds. They’ve just begun a small closed alpha test, meaning we’re still far from an official release date. Until then, you’ll just have to admire New World’s impressive scenic environments in lieu of a gameplay reveal.

However, this isn’t the first time an upcoming MMO has failed to meet expectations after an impressive first look. Black Desert Online is also a sandbox-centered MMORPG. Their in-depth character creation first dazzled players back in 2016. Although they boast over 3 million active players after two years, a common critique of the MMORPG is of its shallow gameplay. This shows that a variety of player choice does not necessarily lead to player satisfaction.

The real test of New World’s mettle will be its ability to craft meaningful gameplay and player interaction where others have failed. Their outlook is promising as their content seems weighted towards the player’s choices with custom quests and free-building. Their fresh perspective may be the advantage Amazon Game Studios needs to take their MMO further than those that preceded them.

To get the opportunity to take part in the closed alpha, visit the game’s amazon page and click ‘email me’. You can also follow their Twitter to see more screenshots from the game.